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Site Map is going to inform you on ways to save money on your next used car purchase. Tell a Friend

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When you finalize the automobile transaction with the used car dealer in order to get the maximum value out of your used vehicle purchase is to keep the vehicle for a longer time period. We suggest keeping the vehicle beyond the loan time. We recommend driving the vehicle between five too six years to get maximum value. The less time you take to trade-in your vehicle the more money you will lose when buying your next vehicle.

If your a gas conscience buyer we recommend trying to buy a smaller vehicle. Smaller vehicles are often cheaper in price and your gas consumption will be much less.

When you purchase your next used car it's important to remember to keep your car tuned. A poorly tuned car can lead to much higher maintenance costs which can lead to costly repairs such as oil filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, distributor cap, value and belt repairs. It's much easier and cheaper to get your used car tuned once every six months.

We highly recommend every buyer to change there oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. We know some owner's manuals say you don't have to change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles but it's the smartest and often cheapest way to keep your used car in goof running order.

We recommend you check your vehicle's air filter on a monthly basis. A clogged air filter will often lead to a poorly running vehicle and costly repairs down the road. A clogged air filter can be easily repaired or replaced.

Make it a habit to check your tire pressure on a monthly basis.

Check your cars fluids on a monthly basis. These fluids include the oil, transmission fluid, water, anti-freeze, brake fluid, washer fluid, and power steeting fluid.

When you pull up the gas station one of the smartest and cheapests ways to save money is to pump your own gas. Why pay someone extra money to have them pump your gas for you?

How to Save Money: A Simply Guide on How to Save Money

Teach Children How To Save Money

Building a Relationship and Saving a Bundle

Tips on How to Save Money on Your Next Used Car Purchase


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