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The question I have for some people is; you just got that new ride, why are you ruining it and wasting money on stuff you don’t need? Now, of course there are many things that your new car does in fact need, and they’re very important things, but to be perfectly honest steering wheel covers, spinners, and lights underneath your car, are not necessitates. Still, people everywhere sometimes think that they are crucial to the coolness or awesomeness of their ride. That of course is rather debatable, and furthermore these risky and unneeded investments can actually get you pulled over or they may bring unwanted attention and/or problems.

Take for example spinners. Spinners go on your car’s tires and they do exactly what they sound they do; they spin. They’re often times flashy, shiny, and remember what I said about that unwanted attention and/or problems, because you should remember that above all. Spinners don’t just ask people to bring it on, or to go ahead and try and steal something from your ride, but instead they actually play a bring role in car theft, and believe it or not, it’s the actual spinners that most thieves want. Furthermore, these thieves who want your spinners will stop at nothing in some cases to get them, and that even means homicide. There have been countless reports of murders taking place, and crimes happening all because someone made a poor investment in something unneeded for their vehicle.

Aside from spinners, there are many other objects or accessories that are a waste of money, and this next one in particular is also bad for your health. It’s one thing if you want to turn your music up so you can sing along, have fun, and enjoy the ride, but it’s also something else, if the vibration of your music shakes can be felt by other drivers. Aside from completely and utterly annoying everyone around you, or having people roll their eyes at you, these stereo systems can and will permanently damage your hearing over time. In essence when the whole freeway can hear your music, you can guarantee that you are playing Russian roulette with your hearing, and yes you will go deaf over time.

There are many other unnecessary accessories that are not necessary for your ride, but these mentioned are especially important to avoid for your savings, sanity, health, and safety. So remember to get what you need, so you won’t get into trouble in more ways than one.


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