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How can car dealers/regular consumers benefit from purchasing a GPS tracking system from

Our iTrack System doesn’t require a contract. Our system is provided as an Unlocked system. It will function with popular Pre-Paid Cellular Plans. Most E-Tailers / Retailers hook you into a long term contract or offer no contract but providing a locked proprietary system that only works with their services. In short you pay very little for only the time you use your device with the option of using almost any cellular provider in the world.

Is there a tax advantage when you purchase a GPS tracking system from

We charge taxes for orders to the state of Nevada. Depending on your states local laws you may be obligated to pay taxes for purchases online, but we charge only for Nevada.

Please tell me about the installation process of a GPS Tracking Devices that sells. Is this difficult process or is it fairly straightforward?

Most GPS Trackers are still in a very Complex state. Our unit will run in just two configuration steps. (and of course a full battery) We offer a self contained unit with easily understood accessories. Battery door with magnets, Battery door without magnet, and waterproof case.

What is your main product at Where do you see this product 10-15 years down the road?

This changes consistently, we offer cutting edge technology that beat the trends. In 5 years we’ll be competing with

As vehicles become more expensive in the years ahead do you see a time when everyone on the road will be using a GPS device? From your average citizen to the fortune 500 company?

yes its already happened.

2010 is coming very quickly. Where do you see sales in 2010? Are you rolling out any new products in 2010?

We’ll have 25 new products in the coming year, and indeed sales will follow beyond our expectations.

If a new or used car dealer is thinking about purchasing your product and you had one sales pitch line to use, what would you tell that new/used car dealer?

We are in the business of volume not a sale.

Can a customer of transfer the GPS tracking device from one vehicle to another?

Yes its completely portable.

Where do you see the GPS tracking business 10 years from now?

Outlawed. Get them while you can.

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