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How can a small business or corporation benefit from doing business with

Our customers benefit from our experience in the industry. Having started back in 2001 we can offer first hand experience in this business. Our members include loss prevention professionals and Private investigators. We can look at a theft or loss problem from the same or similar point of view as our customers, having experienced it ourselves. Understanding and being able to suggest a product from experience rather than the just from the benefit to the bottom line has been very popular with our accounts.

What is your main product at Where do you see this product 10-15 years down the road?

We sell security cameras and spy camera equipment including GPS trackers and phone recorders. Our products have been ever-changing since our inception. I believe that our type of spy equipment will be much more main stream in the future than it is now. I base that opinion on the fact that the larger companies (super type stores) that carry everything have begun carrying some small amount of security equipment. Although the larger stores do not offer any technical support that a small company, like can.

What's your hottest selling product this year? Does have any new exciting products for 2010?

Mini self contained video recorders keychain, lighter, watch and even pen video spy camera / recorders are the newest. New products coming include GSM based cameras that will take and then send pictures to your phone anywhere in the world (with a cell signal)

As with any GPS tracking product training is very important. Can you please tell me about how you train your customers to install GPS devices. Is it a difficult process or is it fairly straightforward?

We offer support and training on all our products, GPS included. We test the gps units we sell and one of our concerns is usability. GPS for us has been very straightforward. We do have some helpful hints and generic locations that the units can be installed in but each vehicle is different and may need specialized assistance since some trackers are “real time” and some are “loggers”. We offer more advice than training

If a new or used car dealer approached you and is thinking about purchasing your product to install in there vehicles and you had one sales pitch line to use, what would you tell that new/used car dealer?

GPS will save you money on theft recovery and Insurance. It really depends on the dealers concerns that brought him to us. Overall our sales pitch usually starts with asking what the device will be used for and then trying to match customer with product. Each GPS tracker has specific uses IE a GPS logger will help in most domestic situations and a live tracker may be more beneficial to car dealers.

Where do you see the GPS tracking business 10 years from now?

Smaller units with a longer battery life and I see many new car manufacturers allowing access to the existing GPS ( in many vehicles now) to the general public for a fee.

Thank you Leif.

-Leif of

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