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How can a small business or corporation benefit from doing business with has been in the business of helping people discover the truth since 1998.  With our vast experience and knowledge of surveillance equipment we're more than an order taking service.  We can listen to a customer's situation and recommend the best solution.

People often think they need to spend a lot of money in order to get more.  We don't necessarily believe high price means you get a better solution.

Businesses are at a huge disadvantage versus the ordinary citizen.  While homes and cars are burglarized by complete strangers businesses have to contend with internal theft.  Someone they trust with their information, money, and lifelong dream for most business owners is stealing right under their noses.  These thieves are most often the most trusted member of the staff with the most seniority.  I cannot tell you how many times business owners have called me after a sale to express their surprise when they find out who the culprit is.  They are usually floored and my prediction of 8 hours from install to discovery and arrest or termination is accurate most of the time.

We offer the business owner the ability to take back control of what they have worked so hard to achieve.

What is your main product at Where do you see this product 10-15 years down the road?

We have no one main product but our specialty is covert surveillance whether that be hidden cameras, GPS trackers, or telephone recorders.  We have a very niche market that is often perceived as being sleazy or under the table.  We don't condone any illegal use of the equipment we sell and we certainly don't promote it.

If you would have told me 12 years ago that we would have the type of products we have today I would have told you to go check yourself into a mental hospital.  I have no idea what's to come in the next year much less the next 10.  I do see in the near future truly wireless surveillance cameras.  Right now wireless cameras require a wire for power.  Wireless simply refers to the video transmission method.  We've already developed a way to record full motion video to micro SD cards secretly embedded into everyday products.  Now we have to figure out how to get electricity to the device using wireless.

WyTricity, a company has taken the principles first introduced by Tesla, has discovered a way to send electricity through the air.  Think of it as WiFi for electricity.  They just demonstrated their product at CES 2010 in Las Vegas and I see us being able to use that same technology with surveillance cameras in the very near future.

What's your hottest selling product this year? Does have any new exciting products for 2010?

By far the hottest selling product is our SD-V03 Color Spy Camera.  It's a desk clock that records full color motion activated video to a SD card.  The camera is so small it fits in the palm of your hand and costs under $200.00, a price breakthrough in a device with this list of features.

We do have some exciting products coming up in 2010 but if we told you we would have to kill you.  Seriously, GPS trackers are getting smaller and cheaper.  Look for a thumb drive sized GPS tracker that will outlast any other tracker on the market.  We are working with our overseas suppliers to bring these devices to the U.S. within a few weeks.  Look for these tiny trackers to replace the SuperTrackStick and the TrackStick Mini, both revolutionary GPS trackers.

As with any GPS tracking product training is very important. Can you please tell me about how you train your customers to install GPS devices. Is it a difficult process or is it fairly straightforward?

Training customers is almost unheard of these days.  Our customers are smarter than the average electronics consumer.  We provide detailed instructions and video demos and back that up with telephone and e-mail support.  Our GPS trackers are so easy to install that we rarely hear from customers anymore.  If you can hook up a DVD player then you most certainly operate a GPS tracker.

If a new or used car dealer approached you and is thinking about purchasing your product to install in there vehicles and you had one sales pitch line to use, what would you tell that new/used car dealer?

The cost of deploying a fleet of GPS trackers can be recovered with a single use.  GPS Trackers are cheap insurance for your investment.  Most customers have every intention in the world to repay you but when it comes down to your family or theirs you are going to lose.  Recover your vehicle within minimal hassle.

Where do you see the GPS vehicle tracking business 10 years from now?

GPS tracking is on the edge of a huge shift. Think of it as all the car companies of the 1900's.  Only a handful survived.  GPS trackers have saturated the market and everybody claims to have the biggest and best.  Cell phone providers have already embedded GPS tracking into phones, car manufacturers such as GM have OnStar.  With the shift to palm sized all-in-one devices like the iPhone people are already carrying GPS trackers.  It's just to what extent the data is accessible. I think in 10 years we'll all be tracked by GPS from multiple sources but there will always be a need for covert tracking that the target cannot turn off or defeat.

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