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How can consumers benefit from doing business with
Many reasons, I can list a few. 

**Site Updates daily**
our site continues to update products on a daily basis, new products, or changes.  We want consumers to get the latest surveillance equipments that are available in today's market.

** We are reliable**
our customer service & tech support respond right away, to every questions and nothing is every unanswered 

this is what one of our customer recently said to us
 THANKS for all the info, I appreciate the quick response !! I will digest all the info and let you know my finds. It’s nice to deal with a reliable company.

                                                       Regards, Chet

  **Fast shipping**
 Most of our products are 90% in stock and ready to ship out same day, must order before the freight carrier arrives.

we carry both ,  budget-cost products & high-quality price products.  Consumers can select these items accordingly to their budget. 

Where do you see sales in 2010? Are you rolling out any new products in 2010? 

Sales are always unpredictable, especially with this economy it is hard to tell. 

As for bringing out new products for 2010, most definitely, we already listed all the current new products for 2010 and will continue to add more everyday.

We are working through each category on our site, and continue the update on the latest products.

Not only do we carry the standard surveillance equipments but we go beyond that with GPS and Spy Gadgets. We just listed more new "Portable DVR", "Stand Alone DVR" "Surveillance Systems" 

Our new line of "GPS" and "Surveillance Cameras" will be available within 1-2 weeks, we have so many new products to come.

Should a consumer hire a professional security expert to install any of your products or can they do it themselves? 

I say depends on 3 things.
Person, places, and products

Most of our products does not need an installer. The only thing they might need an installer for is the “Surveillance Cameras System”.

If they are installing Surveillance camera system then there are several considerations.
- Is this person handy? (Handyman, handywoman)
- Is the location they are installing, a high building, or out of reach?

Many of our customers are businesses / companies. Many have asked their in-house Engineer or IT professional to help them install the cameras, while others higher an installer. We also have other customers that cut-down half the cost by getting an Electrician instead, who can do just as a good as the security installer.

What is the best hidden camera on the market today?

The best type of hidden camera today is the “hidden camera dvr” with SD memory card up to 32GB. It’s convenient and discreet.

this hidden camera dvr has a built-in dvr & camera combo. Years back these item was not available to the market. Technology has changed. Tiny video recorder is now able to be built-in these standard consumer products, making into an undercover surveillance equipments.

Given this tight economic environment, what is the best value for money in home security camera?

Our night vision starting at $99.95 is high in quality unlike most claiming the same spec. The quality will speak for itself. The infrared cameras are excellent choice for color/day/night/indoor/outdoor/residential/businesses. So it’s the best value overall.

our complete office/home 4 cameras surveillance system starts at $699.95 while other stores are running at $800-900 minimum.

Because we know with the tight economic situation we provide both budget-cost equipments & high-quality equipments. Consumers can have a choice to select for whatever budget.

Why would consumers want to purchase a hidden camera? How would this device benefit them?

First I like to say, do not place hidden camera to anywhere that is private, such as a bathroom, or locker room.

The hidden cameras are for undercover surveillance. Sometime crazy things happen when we least expect it. If a house get rob or a business get burglarized, some time they can steal the regular cameras if it is reachable. Who is to know what can happen. For instance, a babysitter is a perfect way to use a hidden camera on. We protect the things we care about, and we take extra measure to protect those things. Whether it can be something valuable to us, or someone we love.

So a hidden camera can be perfect in these situations.

Would you say the security business is recession proof?

The security business is always been a steady business, but no business is ever recession proof.

Where do you see the wireless home security camera business 10 years from now?

Wireless home security camera are not popular as the wired cameras as of today, well at least in my opinion. We outsold wired cameras vs. wireless cameras by far. The wired cameras are reliable vs. the wireless cameras. Just like anything that is wireless you can lose frequency / connection. These important events such as surveillance we can’t take that risk to losing any video footage.

Maybe technology will change 10yrs from today when wireless can become more popular. But I can’t say how the technology will change.

Thank you Gen of

Tell a Friend