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Interview with Gary Whitney of Tell a Friend

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What's your hottest selling product this year? Does have any new exciting products for 2011?

Our hottest selling product this year is our Smart Tracker device. For 2011 we will have some exciting new products. Immediately in January we will begin shipping our model Mini T which is a long life battery powered tracker that provides live tracking.

Do you have any holiday specials this coming season? If so, what are they?

We offered free shipping through Christmas.

Tell me your GPS tracking services regarding fleet sales. How can a business save $6000.00 each month?

Our trackers for fleet sales are our models, Informer Lite for live tracking or the Tracking Key PRO for passive fleet management. Savings each month will depend on many variables including size of the fleet, monthly travel time, etc. Not an easy and simple question to answer definitively unfortunately.

I've noticed you have a GPS product that targets family members. Please tell me more about this product and have you seen a uptick in sales because of teen drivers getting into more accidents these days?

The products to track teen drivers are some of the same products we offer to track and manage fleets, they will provide much of the same information. We are getting many calls from concerned parents and teen tracking has become an important part of our weekly business. Our most popular teen tracking device is the Informer Lite, a real time tracker.

According to business reports business spending is starting to see an increase. Businesses are starting to spend more on equipment. Are you starting to see more businesses that purchase heavy equipment spend more money on GPS tracking devices? If so, do you expect this trend to continue?

Yes, we definitely see an upturn in sales of devices for heavy equipment, both to protect the equipment and locate it in the event of theft and also trackers to keep track of movement and activity of this equipment as well. We do expect this trend to continue and to increase, yes.

2011 is coming fast, what do you expect for in 2011?

We fully expect 2011 to be a turn around year for our company and bring sales back to the pre-recession level. Although our sales have remained strong during these trying economic times, we have experienced a slow down as have most other businesses/industries.

Thanks Gary.

-Shane from Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots


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