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Interview with Craig Swanson of Tell a Friend

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How can consumers benefit from purchasing a GPS tracking system from

See Attached.

How can car dealers benefit from purchasing a GPS tracking system from

We have great programs for car dealerships that include better than competitive product margins while providing our customers with discounts on service. In addition, our product is superior to some of the ones that come to mind such as LoJack.  

Please tell me about your Entourage CIS. What features does it have?

We will be coming out with speed alerts and geofence zone alerts soon. Typically devices that sport these cool features do not work and people typically roll in and out of these zones without the device detecting this

Is there a tax advantage when you purchase a GPS tracking system from

This device is a tax benefit if used to protect in company vehicles or vehicles you typically expense for work. In addition, many insurance companies will give you an additional benefit for having some type of security system (up to 34%) and then an additional 10% for having a GPS tracking system and recovery program.

As with any GPS tracking product training is very important. Can you please tell me about how you train your customers to install the product. Is it a difficult process or is it fairly straightforward?

We have a partnership with a company called InstallerNet that has over 3,500 locations in Canada and the US that allow you to conveniently schedule a fixed cost installation ($59.95) near you – InstallerNet works with all of the major retailers and may smaller shops that have installation bays. With the help of InstallerNet, we’ve created specifications for 100’s of vehicles so that the installation is done in a way to achieve maximum performance while keeping the device hidden from the criminal elelments.

As vehicles become more expensive in the years ahead do you see a time when everyone on the road will be using a GPS device? From your average citizen to the fortune 500 company?

Location awareness (knowing where you are and what you are doing), has become more important than ever. Years ago, people wanted to remain private – now, people twitter when they are having coffee, post embarrassing pictures on Facebook, and so on. Now, with the ability to Geo-tag phots, events, locations, this location awareness is working itself into our daily lives. In one form or another, GPS will be something that everyone has within the next 2 years.

What is your main product at Where do you see this product 10-15 years down the road?

We don’t have a “Main” product as all of our products are equally important and valuable to each of our customers for different reasons. Our line of Entourage products have unique benefits to our customers – The American Red Cross is using our Entourage CIS to track their vehicles in the event of a disaster – We’ve had customers use our Portable Entourage PS to keep track of their children in malls, on field trips, and in parks. The Red Cross also uses our Loner GPS (lone worker solution) that’s worn on a person to provide emergency alerts for a man down, GPS tracking and many other features. BlipPlus – our Blackberry Application is used by 10s of thousands of people to remotely control all of our product while at the same time, provides a useful friend finding tool with GPS proximity alerting. All of our products are used for important jobs – so I can’t say we have a main one – between the police, postal service, FBI, The American Red Cross, and other customers...I can’t pick.

10-15 years from now, we won’t have these devices – these will be seamlessly built into your vehicles, phones, desktop application, and will likely be more software based with minimal hardware components that leverage existing technologies, wifi, and other location sensitive products.

Can a customer of transfer the GPS tracking device from one vehicle to another?

a customer can transfer our CIS from one vehicle to another in the event of a sale. Of course, with our portable units, yes!

Where do you see the GPS tracking business 10 years from now?

It will be integrated in a seamless way and part of your daily life. Imagine our world now without the internet – 10 years from now, you won’t be able to imagine our world without GPS.

Thank you Craig. Craig Swanson of

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