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How can consumers benefit from purchasing a GPS tracking system from

Our particular GPS tracker is ideal to keep track of where your kid has driven his or her or YOUR car, and at what speed! What’s even better about the SUPERTS103 - Super Trackstick Vehicle GPS Data Logger is that there is absolutely no monthly fee. Plus, the weatherproof case and removable magnetic mount allow for covert installation. Here’s a little bit about how it works - Super Trackstick works anywhere on the planet. Its traveled locations can be shown via a red line that is traced on satellite photos and 3D terrain using the latest mapping technologies from Google Earth. It can be used both for fun and for more serious applications.

2010 is coming very quickly. Where do you see sales in 2010? Are you rolling out any new products in 2010?

Sales are always up and business is always good. We have been very fortunate, but what we have also been very good at is picking the right products at the right time. When we first got in the game some 20 years ago that was true, and today it still is. In 2010 we will continue to focus on wireless home alarm systems (such as the new DSC Alexor 2 – way Wireless Security System) and our Personal Emergency Response Systems (such as Visonic’s Amber Select). But what we are foreseeing to be strong in sales is anything network related. That is network capable devices - network cameras and network modules for surveillance and home alarm systems.

Should a consumer hire a professional security expert to install home security system or are the products you sell consumer installation friendly?

All the products that we sell you can install yourself, especially our wireless home alarm systems. Plus, if you need it, we have FREE Lifetime Tech support. I am a 30 something female and I had absolutely no trouble setting up my own wireless system. I actually had my control unit, plus all my window and door sensors installed and enrolled within two hours. It was truly a rewarding DIY (do-it-yourself) weekend project.

What is the best system for home security?

There are many systems which are ideal for home security. If you are building your own home it’s always nice to have a hardwired alarm system, but for convenience and popularity we offer a variety of top notch wireless home alarms from such brands as GE Security, Visonic, DSC, and ELK. I can’t tell you which one is the best because that depends on your preferences, but I can tell you that one of our hottest sellers was and still is our Visonic PowerMax Plus Wireless Security System.

What is the best surveillance system for a business?

We have many surveillance kits to choose from, plus a software program that will help you build such a system in 6 easy steps. Check it out at
If you own a business, it’s imperative that you be able to remotely view your property and your employees. Therefore, it’s best to buy a web ready DVR. Also, you want to make sure that your system is flexible and can grow as your business needs do. That’s why, even if you think you only need 4 cameras now, it is best to buy a 8 channel or 16 channel DVR that can work with up to 16 cameras if need be.

If a consumer is on a tight budget what system would you recommend to a consumer to purchase from

All of our systems at Home Security Store are very fairly priced. We have some SkyLink home alarm systems at just over $100. But please remember, home security is something to not take lightly. Investing a few bucks more can go a long way in the whole scheme of things.

Where do you see the home security business 10 years from now?

Biometrics as a whole will continue to play its part in the “security” business. Already we have fingerprint door locks and safes, as seen here - . However, when it comes to “home security”, I think “home automation” will be the biggest trend over the next ten years. This technology can control your appliances, lights, heating, and cooling. Home security systems are quickly becoming a part of home automation packages that are being incorporated into new homes and being installed into existing ones. We already sell the Visonic PPROKTE Powermax Pro Advanced Home Security System. It’s a wonderful system and with the right add-ons you can not only protect your home inside and out, but you can control appliances and cameras remotely from any web connected computer or even cell phone.

Annie Blanco of

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