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If you’re a youngster or if you’re just opening your first bank account at any age, and trying to find a good or even great bank, you should remember that there is hope and yes you can find the right bank to meet your money management and financial needs. Now, aside from finding the right bank to bank at, it’s also important to find a good banker of whom you can build a secure and trustworthy relationship with. Still, how can you tell a good banker from one who may just be in it for themselves? Here are some tips for how to find a good fit for you with a banker.

First and for most, you should remember the most important part of this whole equation; YOU!!! You’re the one going to the bank, and you’re the one investing the time, effort, and money so make sure you feel comfortable with whomever it is that you’re dealing with. You can do this by remembering that you are in charge. If you need your banker to slow down and go over something with you again, they should do that. If you have a concern, question, or even a criticism, they should listen and do what they can. Also, you should understand everything and they should take the time to make sure that your needs are met, because this is a bank, not the meat counter at the grocery store; you’re not just a number.

Along those lines, there are some things to watch out for with bankers. First, if they just want to confuse you, and tell you why it’s a good idea, but you have no clue as to why it’s a good idea; forget them!!! They are paid to clarify things and be concise, and if there not, then they’re not doing their job. Next up is a big one; don’t let a banker of any kind be overly aggressive or pushy with you. If they are, then they’re trying to scam you, which means they don’t have your best interest in mind. You need to stand firm with this type of banker, and move on based upon their aggressive sales tactics.

Finding the right banker is not only possible, but it also can be very financially rewarding, and productive for the growth of your wealth. Yet, it’s important to stand firm, trust your judgment, and know when to switch bankers or even banks if need be.

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