What can I do about debt collectors harassing me - Easy Solution To A Big Problem


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What can I do about debt collectors harassing me?

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If you've dealing with debt collectors, or ever have in the past, you already know that it's no picnic. Sure, their job can't be easy, but seriously, do they have to be so relentless and rude?

If you want to stop the harassment, read this article for some tips on how to do just that.

First, if you've fallen behind, and have a debt collector on your case (literally and figuratively), one of the most important things that you can do before things escalate to harassment levels is to keep an open communication going with the collector.

If you have a financial plan on how to meet your financing obligations, let the collector know of it. If you haven't already thought of a financial schedule or plan, do so as soon as you can - then tell the collector about it. Many people immediately avoid or altogether ignore debt collectors when they start calling, and these type of evasive actions rarely ever sit well with them. Instead, keep an active dialogue going with the collectors. If they know you're making every attempt you can to pay off your debts, they're more likely to work with you.

Another tactic that you can try if the debt is too out of reach for you is to see if there's a willingness with the collector the settle the debt for a lower amount than its original balance. When a debt goes into collections, usually there are late fees involved which can easily turn a small debt into something much more substantial and unmanageable. Often times, these late charges and other related fees can be adjusted off. For that matter, so can the principal. It doesn't hurt to ask, and again, it will demonstrate a willingness on your part to honor your previous financial commitments.

Know that debt collectors are - by law - expected to follow certain rules and regulations when it pertains to collecting a debt. For example, debt collectors are allowed to discuss your debt with any other third party. They may call a third party in an attempt to get a hold of you, but should not discuss the details or specific reasons for the call if they related to debt collection. If a debt collector has crossed the line, and has spoken with a third party (like a neighbor, your employer) about your debt, then the debt collection agency could be in for some serious fines paying of their own.

If you discover that such a serious infraction has occurred, you should write to the collection agency immediately with your findings, giving them as many specifics as you can (name of the collection agent, time of calls, who he or she spoke to, witness statements, etc). It is not uncommon for debts to actually be wiped out completely if such infractions were made.

One final, very important point: by law, debt collectors aren't allowed to contact third parties under the pretense of trying to get information that they already have. Therefore, if a debt collector already has your telephone number, but then tries to call your family, friends, employers or employees, etc, then they're in serious violation, and should be reported to your State Attorney General asap.

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