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Zero Down payment - Buying a Vehicle with 0 Money Down

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If purchasing a vehicle with no down payment is your goal, then there are particular strategies you can employ to accomplish this. One is checking your credit history with an independent credit rating agency like Experian or Equifax BEFORE you shop for your vehicle. That way you will be secure in the knowledge of whether you are a person of stellar, average, or poor credit. Let's be clear about one thing….poor credit is certainly not a positive, but it may not be a deal breaker. If you have poor credit, don't despair. You will probably have to work harder at selling yourself and your promise to someone. YOU may have to become the salesman. You will have to convince a dealer that you are someone that they should take a chance on. You should sit with the dealer's finance officer, or, better still, speak with the general manager or owner of the car lot. Explain your circumstances. Take this as a fact…..dealers want to sell cars. They come across credit risks all of the time, and, if your circumstances are explained fully, openly and honestly, they may take a chance with you. My suggestion is to visit smaller dealers, mainly used car dealers in financially troubled areas. These dealers are hurting and, remember, THEY WANT TO SELL CARS.

A buy here pay here car lot may afford the best opportunity to make your purchase. However, do not dismiss a small local car dealer. He may have vehicles that have been in inventory a while because of lack of sales and he may be willing to take a chance on you in order to move the unit. These guys are a lot less likely to demand such a high price for an average to below average car also like buy here pay here dealers are inclined to do, because their operation is not geared up to sell cars in this manner. Of course you have to bring something to the table. If you can demonstrate long term job performance and a stabile residence history, that will greatly improve your chance to acquire that vehicle, mostly because, this indicates that you have established roots in your community and are not likely to leave the area. It inspires confidence in YOU. After all, that's what you want, someone to be comfortable with you. Another important tip, is not to overpromise your ability to pay back your note with a ridiculously high or an unrealistically quick repayment schedule. Anyone willing to give you a shot will see through that easily. Agree to pay back what you can comfortably handle and STICK TO IT! This dealer could be your best way for you to be motoring for many years to come. Also, be willing to accept what the dealer may want to sell as opposed to what you want. It would be silly to believe that you can walk into a dealership and drive out of there with your dream vehicle with nothing down.

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