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A Guide How to Buy Cheap Buy Here Pay Here Cars Tell a Friend

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Did you ever wonder why buy here pay here lots charge a hefty price for there used cars? The answer is simple, they need to charge that dollar amount because of a very high industry repossession rate. In good economic times this repo rates is approx. 30%.

We are going to teach you how not to pay that high dollar amount and we going to teach how to “shop” buy here pay here dealers.

The BHPH business is one of the fastest growing segments of the automobile business. BHPH dealers in the United States sold approx. 10 billion dollars worth of BHPH cars.

This is good news for you!

The reason why this is good news for you is because many new and used car dealers are getting into the BHPH business. These new and used car dealer entrepreneurs are adding BHPH car lots across the United States faster then China is adding more to it’s population!

This means BHPH car dealer saturation. Everywhere you turn your going to see a dealer offer “in-house” or buy here pay here financing. This is beneficial to you because the consumer is going to have a lot more choice in deciding where to shop for there next BHPH car.

This means the prices of BHPH cars are going to start dropping within the years to come. The consumer is going to benefit from this fierce BHPH competition.

A few benefits of BHPH saturation.

-The price of BHPH cars on BHPH car lots is going to drop.
-Customer service is going to get much better in the years to come.
-The selection of used cars on BHPH car lots is going to dramatically increase because of this increased competition.
-The warranty BHPH car dealers provide is going to get better.
-The automotive service BHPH car dealers provide is going to get better.
- Most importantly The customer is going to get a much better buying experience.

Even with all of these added benefits the consumer is still going to have to search for a BHPH bargain. Luckily because of technology this process is much simpler then it was in years past.

The first thing a consumer should do is search online for a reputable BHPH dealer.

After you find positive reviews for this dealer, now it’s time to email the dealership. We’ve assembled a list of questions to ask the dealer through email contact.

After the BHPH dealer has answered all of your questions through email now it’s time to visit the BHPH car lot.

Make sure your greeted with the same sales rep. you were in contact with through email. He or she is going to discuss financing terms with you. They are going to ask you, how much money do you to put down as a down payment? Do you have a co-signor? Are you currently employed? Have you had any past bankruptcies?

After you’ve answered all of the questions for the salesman. The salesman at this point is going to show you what cars you qualify for. It’s at this point where you have to ask the car dealer how much they want for there used car. The dealer is going to tell you the price and it’s at this very moment you have to get a price and determine if it’s a price you want to pay.

How do you determine if the deal is a good deal?

We’ve assembled a list of automotive sites where consumers can get quotes as to how much a vehicle is worth.
Nada Guides

If the price of the used car is within a few hundred dollars range lower of the quoted price then by our determination it’s a good deal.

It’s at this point where you the consumer must take control and say to the dealer

“Thank you for your time. I’m going to do more research elsewhere.”

The key to this entire process is to visit many BHPH car lots and see which one gives you the best bargain. Once you’ve visited many BHPH car lots and once you’ve found a reputable dealer then we recommend you advance with the purchase of your next warranteed BHPH used car.


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